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“Permeation V” 2020,  88” x 57”

photographic paintings

All photographic art of Werk Zyklus 2018-2019 and Werk Zyklus 2020 are only available in very small, exclusive editions.

werk zyklus photographic paintings 2020
edition of 7 + 3 artist proof copies

werk zyklus deviant genesis 2018-2019
edition of 10 + 3 artist proof copies

Each print is individually signed and numbered by the artist on the back. A certificate of authenticity validating your purchase is provided with each print. Artists Proofs also include a plaque with information about the photograph and a CPA audited certificate of authenticity.

The prints are masterfully hand-crafted by the most prestigious and accomplished print-makers in the country and drop-shipped to your home.

dye sublimation on aluminum 

Metal prints are becoming a preferred art medium for collectors and high-end gallery presentations because of their vibrant colors and breathtaking luminescence. By infusing archival inks and dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets, these works maintain their brilliance for decades longer than photographic paper, protecting your investment in your work of art. Dyes are infused beneath the exterior coating through sublimation. This makes it more durable than traditional paper and canvas imaging because it can’t be scratched or peeled off the surface.

scratch resistant

The artwork is scratch resistant and can be wiped off with a microfiber cloth and household-cleaner.

high heat resistant

Sublimated aluminum holds up against high heat. Necessary for artwork hung in specific corporate and public environments.

no glass needed

More durable than traditional paper and canvas imaging because it can’t be scratched or peeled off the surface

no glare

Archival inks and dyes are infused directly into specially coated aluminum sheets.

light weight

Sublimated aluminum can be displayed in a traditional or shadow box frame, or it can be suspended off the wall by using a floating wall mount for a more contemporary look.


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